Mission and Values

Mission and Values

The foundation that forms our approach to serving clients, customers, and each other.

Our Mission

To help people and organizations develop their potential.

Our Values

Person Centred
We believe in the fundamental value of each individual. We interact in a friendly, supportive way, treating people with respect, dignity, and empathy.

By communicating openly and providing access to information, we help people contribute their very best. We include people in decisions that affect them. Diversity - of people, opinions, and ideas - makes us stronger.

We believe that individuals achieve more when they are called upon to exercise judgment rather than follow rules. We provide the resources and environment that people need to gain knowledge and make good decisions. Mistakes are first and foremost viewed as an opportunity to learn and improve.

The team is the vehicle of our success and the foundation of an effective, fun environment in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Every team member has the privilege and responsibility to influence the group. Members support each other's efforts, and care for one another.

We are driven to be the very best we can be. We aim to exceed expectations, and we know that we can always improve. We are both initiators and embracers of change.

Our interactions are truthful, sincere, consistent, and ethical. We follow through on our commitments and are accountable. We adhere to the Vocational Rehabilitation Association of Canada Code of Ethics.