Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

Our corporate structure supports and enables us to carry out our mission successfully.

To understand the concept of a fluid organizational structure, consider the ocean.  In times of calm, it is perfectly flat. However, in tumultuous times brought on by wind or current, waves are present and can be very large and powerful.


Agilec™ is like that. In our preferred, natural state, we are flat and calm. However, like the ocean, we are fluid and responsive to the forces that act on us. Waves represent the times when we get more vertical (and act more hierarchical). There are structural peaks and valleys which can be large/high/pronounced as defined by circumstance, but they are fluid and grow and shrink according to the conditions.

The shape and magnitude of our structural waves are formed by both internal and external forces.  These act on us, drawing us from flat to tall. Wind represents external forces such as our customers, the law, markets, competitors, and current events. Current represents the forces from within, such as teams and team members, service models, technology, infrastructure, and growth. These forces work in tandem to influence our structure and behaviour at any given moment.

Like the ocean, our shape is multi-faceted and complex. Any number of waves may be present, each representing a different set of circumstances and issues. Whether people are present and where they fit on a given wave is situation-specific. Wavy and calm areas can exist at the same time, in the ocean and at Agilec™.

No analogy is perfect. However, the best and most important aspect of our ocean comparison is this: Like water, our very nature (see our core values) is always pulling us back to our preferred flat/calm state.