Working successfully with others to meet the needs of stakeholders and customers.

Agilec™ has a long history of partnering with business and community organizations. We are always interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with like-minded organizations.

Collaborative Partnerships

  • Organize, publicize, coordinate, and deliver events such as job fairs and training programs
  • Create service-delivery alternatives that increase efficiency, accessibility, or address circumstantial challenges
  • Share work (operational partnerships)
  • Consult, advise, and contribute to strategy development and planning
  • Prepare proposals

Benefits of Partnering

  • Access to expertise
  • Access to human resources
  • Access to infrastructure and locations
  • Name recognition and goodwill

Agilec™ is a proud founding partner in Voc Rehab Canada (VRCAN Inc.), a national network of regional vocational rehabilitation and disability management companies.