Success Stories

Success Stories

Providing results that lead to improved lives.

At Agilec™ we work to deliver the best possible results with innovative tools, resources, and services to address the specific needs for a broad range of clients and customers. Here are some examples of how we have met and exceeded the expectations of individuals and organizations.

Journey From Education to Unemployment to Full-Time Work

Helping clients find work is a large part of what we do. Every client is assisted with their individual needs in mind and their goal for employment is mutual.
Client's journey to full-time work
Thank you from a recent client
Luke's Story

The Bottom Line for Employers

Our work with employers has helped create new employment positions and matched many businesses, small and large, with the skilled workers they need.
How we helped a small employer grow her business and find the right employee
A letter of appreciation from an employer that we worked with
Feedback from a new business owner

Overcoming Employment Barriers

We have a whole division dedicated to helping people with disabilities and our commitment has been recognized by our clients and community partners.
Client's story of securing and succeeding in employment

Watch videos below of people we have helped through the Durham Region EmployAbility Network: